Osteopathy and Bio Cranial Osteopathy
Comber, Greater Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A caring approach to reducing your pain and 

getting your health back.

Neil Perkes has over 18 years in practice as

an Osteopath.  He uses all forms of Osteopathy

including manipulation to effectively treat

many conditions.  Please view reviews of

our clinic on Yell.com, Google and Facebook.

Tel. 02891871334 to arrange an appointment.

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Welcome to the website of 

Neil Perkes, Osteopath in Comber,

Co. Down, Northern Ireland.


The clinic provides osteopathy treatment for 


NECK PAIN                   BACK PAIN

HEADACHES                 MIGRAINE


SCIATICA                      KNEE PROBLEMS

HIP PAIN                       SPORTS INJURIES



and many other health conditions.

Osteopaths are trained to a high standard

and are able to diagnose and treat a wide

range of musculo - skeletal problems and health

issues.  These may include sports injuries, disc

problems in the back and neck, muscle spasms,

trapped nerves and headaches.

At our clinic we provide a thorough case history,

examination and treatment on the first visit.  We

recommend patients attend in shorts or tracksuit

bottoms.  Treatment gowns are provided for

when we need to examine and treat areas like 

the lower back.

Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques to

treat problems like lower back pain, disc

problems or sciatica.  The treatment techniques 

used vary from each patient.  Techniques

used by Osteopaths include soft tissue 

stretching, spinal manipulation, joint 

mobilizing, cranial osteopathy to relax tissue 

tensions and exercise prescription.  

The Osteopaths approach to back pain 

is very different to Physiotherapy.  Often

patients who have found Physiotherapy 

was not able to resolve their lower 

back pain or disc problems turn to 

Osteopaths and find it's approach beneficial.

Similarly Chiropractors use different techniques 

to Osteopaths.  Although both use spinal

manipulation Osteopaths also concentrate 

their focus on soft tissues such as muscles 

when treating.


Opening hours

Mondays to Wednesdays,

9.30am to 5pm, 

Thursdays, 1pm to 8pm.


We treat patients in a purpose 
built Osteopathy clinic in Comber,
Greater Belfast, Northern Ireland.



If you would like more information or to

arrange an appointment, please contact 

the clinic reception on


Tel. 02891871334


Email neilperkes@gmail.com