Testimonials Bio Cranial Osteopathy 

Karl Knox5 star Highly recommend this to
anyone I do a lot of physical training so need
to be right so have another appointmen
booked for next week

June 2015.

Kathryn McMath5 star
I cannot recommend Neil / the practice highly
enough. I have been going to him since I was
17 when I originally damaged my back through
dance training. I remember being in so much
pain I could barely stand. On another occasion,
I remember being terrified I would wake up and
not be able to walk again. Each time I have
been, Neil has made an incredible
difference to
me, allowing my spine / shoulders /
neck to all
be freed up and stopping the pain almost
instantly. He is also incredibly
and honest. Delighted to have him in NI.

Gordon Hewit, Belfast.

February 3rd 2014
For the best part of a decade I suffered with
chronic back pain.  This was caused I believe 
by two incidents – a car accident in the early 
90’s and falling off a scaffolding structure in 
the mid 90’s.
For the last 2 years the pain has been at such 
a high level that simple things, getting in and out 
of bed, crossing the road, getting on a bus, walking 
to the shop; were almost beyond me.
Doctors at my local medical centre prescribed 
pain killers (which made me feel ill), muscle relaxants, 
a physiotherapist (I was given a series of exercises 
which actually made the pain worse), and still the 
pain persisted. Coming to the Bio Cranial Osteopathy 
Centre in Comber was a last ditch attempt to get
relief from pain. That was 8 months ago.
I now live pretty much pain free. I walk to work every
day, I can get out of bed easily, walk up stairs, play 
with my son; all things which had to be achieved 
with great pain previously.
I can say honestly that the treatments at the 
Bio Cranial Osteopathy centre have made a remarkable 
difference to the pain I was suffering.

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